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[IP] Great New Diabetes Resource

Greetings all:
    Since Melissa Davis (not to be confused with my daughter Melissa) already 
sent this e-newsletter out to thousands of people, it's possible you've 
already seen this notice - but if you haven't, it looks like something to 
file away in your "favorites".

DiabetesNews is a monthly newsletter that is distributed by email.
DiabetesNews gives you a schedule of the upcoming month's programming and
information about featured guests. Updates and alerts are sent out when
additional programming is added to the schedule. If you would like to be 
added to
our mailing list, just email us with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

Here is the first issue of DiabetesNews. Enjoy!

Glen Rose, Texas, U.S.A.
March 15, 2000 

Dear Friends, 

For all of those "regulars" who know me from Melissa's Diabetes Chat, I'm 
No, I haven't been on a long vacation, I've been VERY busy! After 4 great 
with Virtual Nurse doing Melissa's Diabetes Chat, I have joined the Insulin 
World Foundation where we have developed a new website called Diabetes
Station <http://www.diabetesstation.org/> ... and you're going to LOVE this! 

Station is going to be run like a radio station with "DJ's" having different
programs at different times of the day! Tune in to your favorite DJ or 
and join the discussion! Imagine ... forums like I've always done, but not 
twice a month anymore! To begin with, I've planned as many as 6 programs a
week -- LOL!! And of course, we'll still have plenty of "free time" for ad 
hoc chat! 

Our launch date is April 3rd and I've invited some VERY special guests for us 
interview! Our first guest is Dr. Bernhard Hering, the Director of the Islet 
at the University of Minnesota and Associate Director of the Diabetes 
Institute for
Immunology and Transplantation. He'll be joining us on our program called
"Talking Transplantation" to discuss islet research and clinical trials of 
transplantation. Then on Friday, April 7, Peter Van Etten, incoming Chief
Executive of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation will join me
<http://www.diabetesstation.org/melissa/melissa.htm> to talk about his goals 
funding diabetes research. And this is just the beginning ladies and 
See our schedule at http://www.diabetesstation.org/schedule.asp for more

More and more people are interested in, or use, an insulin pump, so we will 
a Pump Program <http://www.diabetesstation.org/jerry/jerry.htm>  twice a week.
And we're introducing a regular kids' program
<http://www.diabetesstation.org/kristina/kristina.htm> moderated by kids JUST 
kids! There is nothing online like it! My 9, almost 10-year-old daughter, 
who has diabetes, will be a "DJ" for that forum. She has invited Dr. Alberto
Hayek, one of the world's foremost islet researchers whose interest in islet
research grew out of his role as Professor of Pediatrics at the Scripps 
Diabetes Institute. Dr. Hayek is working hard to find a cure that is safe for
children, and he has lots of ideas for kids about how to live full and happy 
in the meantime. Kristina will interview him on the Children's Hour, and Dr.
Hayek will also visit us on Talking Transplantation
<http://www.diabetesstation.org/mary/mary.htm> to talk about his islet 
in more detail. Kristina also welcomes Ellen Ullman and her son Zachary (who
has diabetes) to talk about their Kids-R-Pumping website. 

After 4 years online with Melissa's Diabetes Chat, my main goal is still to 
people in the diabetic community together to exchange support and 
information! I
have big plans, and thanks to Insulin-Free World Foundation, I have the
opportunity to share them with you and see YOU benefit! Join me and some of
our DJ's at an Open House on April 3rd! We'd love to show you around "The
Station," hear your suggestions, and tell you of our plans! Don't miss it! 
April 3rd in red on your calendar! Diabetes Station is about to explode onto 
Internet and you are invited to join us! 

Keep reading and I'll share a few tidbits with you... 



JERRY - You know him as Mailman in Melissa's Diabetes Chat! Now see him in
action as the DJ on the Insulin Pump Program
<http://www.diabetesstation.org/jerry/jerry.htm>. He'll be interviewing the 
from Disetronic and many others. If you have a topic for him, be sure to email
him your topic idea at email @ redacted 


KIDS, KIDS, KIDS - Where can you go to chat and actually FIND someone there?
Where online will other kids accept you for who you are, including your 
Where is all the fun these days? It's at Diabetes Station's Children's Hour! 
hour will be held twice a week where kids of all ages are welcome to come to 
with others in the same boat! We'll have guests geared just for kids, to tell 
about research, daily care, pumps and even some fun stuff! If you would like 
try your hand at being a DJ for The Station's Children's Hour
<http://www.diabetesstation.org/kristina/kristina.htm>, write to us at
email @ redacted and we'll give you a chance! 


Do you wonder if that cure will EVER be found and be available to YOU?? Well,
here's your chance to ask the experts! Researchers and doctors from around the
world will join us to discuss transplantation and diabetes, from kidney to
pancreas to islet to xeno-transplants! Somewhere out there, there's a CURE and
we're going to find it together! If you know of a perfect guest for this time 
write us at email @ redacted 


<http://www.diabetesstation.org/> is the interactive part of Diabetes Portal, 
large site encompassing Insulin Free World Foundation, Fast Track To A Cure,
Diabetes Station and soon to come, Diabetes Living! Diabetes Station is
everything that is interactive... meaning YOU can participate! There will be
archives at which you can add your voice even if you missed the discussion by
simply going to the message board and submitting your thoughts. There will be
discussion round the clock so even folks in China or Australia or Mexico will 
able to join in! We will have more DJ's offering more topics, over more hours
than anywhere else online! If you have a topic or would like to DJ for me, 
me at email @ redacted Look for newletters in your mailbox and 
our schedule <http://www.diabetesstation.org/schedule.asp> to see who the
latest guests will be. Print the calendar out and put it on your bulletin 
board or on
the fridge so you don't miss a single thing! 

for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml