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[IP] Spiking after meals


don't raise your boluses - you will gain weight cuzyou will constantly eating 
UP to that un necessary insulin...Try this...take your meal bolus 15 minutes 
sooner than you normally do, then don't test again until at least 2 1/2 hours 
after the meal.  If you dont see much change, move the bolus to 20 minutes 
and so on...you may just have a slower reaction to Humalog.  personally, I 
have to take it as i am sitting down to the table if I want to avoid a 
crash...it will drop me 50 points in 15 minutes!!!

on another note...have you ever asked teh doctor about gastro?  i don't know 
much about it, but i know it does cause wierd and unpredictable bgs after 

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