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[IP] arghhhh (was All alone with pump)

YOU poor thing!!!  what a pain in the ass!!!  I highly suggest you STOP 
driving the records over there!.  I know you don't what to have to search for 
another doctor right now, but you can try another tactic...If you have access 
to a fax machine, or maybe your husband or a friend or a neighbor can FAX the 
records to the doctor.  You then CALL and say, 7 pages of records have just 
arrived, do you have them, YES I WILL HOLD WHILE YOU LOOK.  Seems like this 
would be cheaper than driving over there several times a week at $1.68 a 

If faxing is no good, how about emailing them to him?

The fact that his staff is not getting him the records is deserving of a 
letter of complaint to him or the office manager.  On the other hand, the 
fact that he "does not like Ryans numbers" and all he told you to do was 
"quit getting up in the night, that if I had things set properly I would not 
have to"  tells me he has NO CLUE what he is doing!!!  Does he have a CDE on 
the staff?  Does your supplier of supplies have a CDE that you can call with 
questions?  As we have discussed, YES you do have to get up at 3 am for a 
while, until you get the hang of it, but your doctor is not being much help

>.But hey I have you guys on the list to help I hope.

you KNOW you do...So i hope you are MAD and ask the questions here since your 
doctor is a poop, and check the web  site for the name of another doctor in 
your area. Tell yours you are changing unless you get some valid, reasonable 
support.  You should not have to "show him" that the pump is a good 
idea...get another doc if you think he wants you to fail - who needs THAT 
aggravation when you are waking up at 3 am every night???


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