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[IP] typical?

Phil wrote
> things went to hell in a handbasket....It gets frustrating....change 
> my doses and my sugars will be good for a day or two then 
> they mysteriously head for the ceiling.  I'm not sure what to do
>  about it yet.  My Doc says that what I'm experiencing isn't 
> typical but it's  not way out of the norm either.  He keeps 
> assuring me that things will improve with time 

Your doctor is right when he says it will improve with time, but way off when 
he says what you are experienceing is NOT typical.  I would say that it is 
99.5% typical.  There are very few if any people on pumps who don't have some 
problems adjusting to it, or the carb counting, and how many people started 
out KNOWING how to deal with pizza and chinese food - can i see a show of 
hands?  see?  no one...

Trust me, Phil, you are right on track....once you know how to handle highs 
and lows and bad sites on a strict regimin of diet and testing, you will be 
able to relax a little and play with it, and a reading of 236 won't freak you 
out...you will just correct it first, then figure out why it happened, and 
try to avoid it in the future.

It is all a crap shoot...we test so we can have freedom...and now in your 
learning stages, testing MORE, including 3 am is the best thing for you.  
Don't feel frustrated.  I don't know what the "average" is for getting into 
the swing of it it, but I'd say at least 3-4 months!!!  be sure to ask us if 
you have questions, we can provide suggestions that might help!

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