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[IP] IP] 3 am's forever?

Phil wrote:
>  Sara,
>  My doctor is a stickler for scheduled testing.  So far he hasn't 
> steered my wrong.  I've only been on the pump for about three weeks.  
>  However, going on it has been a MAJOR LIFE CHANGE, as I'm 
> sure you know. I'm just now getting used to the nightly testing.  

First of all, I would never tell someone who has only been on the pump 3 
weeks not to do something his or her doctor was recommending - none of my 
suggestions are advice - i only tell you what i have expereinced in my 7 
years of pumping.  I am not a medical professional and i don't play one on 
tv.  However the original post that started this thread asked if you had to 
do the 3 ams forever, and NO you do not.  IF you will re-read my post, I 
think I said something to the effect that *once you get the hang of it,* you 
do NOT have to wake up at 3 am every night, but that you should still do it 
every once in a while to spot check.  

If you did have to get up every morning at 3am, then can someone please tell 
me what the heck is the point of the pump anyway?  if you are going to get up 
at 3am to test, why not just take a shot of regular since you KNOW it is 
gonna work, rather than "wonder" if your site is bad all the time or if an 
air bubble is in the tube?  Shoot,  the whole point of the pump in my opinion 
is to allow you the ability to live a normal life with as close to normal bg 
as possible...if the pump can allow us to sleep in on satuday morning, since 
we don't have to worry about an NPH peak anymore, why can't it allow us a 
complete night of sleep....why can't it allow us a day of unabashed 

so, just FYI, Phil, I was not suggesting your doctor was wrong.  I was simply 
letting those who were concerned about it, that it is NOT a permanent thing.

happy pumping
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