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[IP] Spiking after meals

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion about spiking after
meals.  I am on the pump (staight Humalog)  for about 8 mos. now.  I am still kind
of up and down.  My basal rate is .4 and .5 different times of the day.  My
problem is when I first went on the pump, I seem to spike really high (250 - 270)
after a meal (.4 basal) but then am back down by the next meal.  If I up my bolus
(which I do), I am lower after a meal (140 - 180), but two hours later I am really
low.  By the way, even when I was on shots (NPH and Humalog) I had the same
problem.  Thanks for any suggestions.

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