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Re: [IP] Jack: RE: Sleep Study

 >>CPAP machine?  I sleep with one, and would not trade it for the world, 
just as I would not trade my pump either.  I also have broken my back 
(compression fx L2 in 1996) , but so far the arthritis I have has not 
bothered me too much
Hi Cheryl
Just a note about your back....I crushed all 5 lumbar vertabrae 26 years 
ago (L1-5) and held up pretty good after I got out of the back brace a 
couple years later. The arthritis snuck up on me. A doctor put me on a 
prescription anti-inflammatory because my range of motion had diminished 
over the years. I had NO idea how much pain I had been in until it went 
away!!! Our brain sometimes protect us from the discomforts our body feels!
I am eager to find out about the CPAP machine.....the sleep study was done 
when I was with an HMO some years ago...now I have Blue Cross and don't 
look forward to starting at square one...and the fight it, apparently, will 
take like the one I'm in over the insulin pump!! I haven't even gotten INTO 
the fight with the insurance!! Right now I have the "crossed arm attitude" 
from my doctor. I am a "bad girl" since I am Type 2 and have wild 
unexplained swings from 40 to over 500!! I have followed the Diabetic 
Trials routine (on my own against my doctor's wishes...he feels that I 
shouldn't have to do all that...just do as he says!) and that is the 
closest I have gotten to a measure of control. Seems obvious that a pump is 
in order...I have been told in the hospital that a pump is the only thing 
that will save my life...stop the mini strokes and DKA episodes, etc. Which 
WAR do I concentrate on first? I guess I will have a separate doctor fight 
the CPAP fight...better luck that way

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