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Re: [IP] To Lori (Ryan's Mom) Been There, Done That

At 11:25 PM 3/24/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>.............Hang in there.  Try not to
>get them angry, you might really need them some time.
>Been there, done that.
>Carole H

One day I had four appointments with my doctors. As it turned out my last 
one was with my psychiatrist and by that time I was upset with the medical 
profession in general. I was tired of being given a prescription or some pt 
to do and told to come back in a couple of weeks, or a month or some other 
time frame. I told her I felt that the medical profession only saw me as a 
cash cow and would keep me around as long as they could. You know, there 
are some things you shouldn't tell your shrink. She has still been 
professional about the doctor/patient relationship but it has been somewhat 
strained. Now as it turns out the doctors in that practice are dropping 
their Medicare numbers and after two years on SS disability I am going on 
Medicare. Sometimes things just seem to work out on their own.


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