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Re: [Fwd: [IP] IP: Fat calculating... square and dual waves]

email @ redacted wrote:
> In a message dated 3/24/00 5:06:09 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted 
> writes:
> > now i KNOW that YMMV and all that stuff.. but if i could ask you all to 
> give 
> >  me some advice on how you figure out what bolus to give for foods with
> I have been on the MM507C since July99 and still have no idea how to use the

> dual/square wave bolus. My endo is no help.  He tells me to just correct the

> high later.  Everyone is different but what is the starting formula?        
I usually just split my bolus in half, half on normal delivery and the other
half on square wave. Make minor modifications for premeal high by adding a bit
to the normal half, sometimes add a bit to the squarre wave if I will be
having a higher fat meal, and stretch it out past the usual
1.5 hours. For pizza 4 hours spread is reeasonable, but not much else.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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