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[IP] Time for a Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor?

Howdy folks,

I have a question for anyone who knows about the Minimed Continuous Blood 
Glucose Monitor (CBGM).  Would it help us to figure out if my basal rates 
were set appropriately and maybe how to take my bolus doses of Humalog?  I am 
so tired of being on a rollercoaster and am hoping for someone to tell me 
that this would shed some light onto my basals and my boluses.

My thing is, if you follow Michael's explanation of how to do a Basal check 
(off the Pumpers web site) he says you start on a day that follows a "vanilla 
day".  Trouble is, I HARDLY EVER have a vanilla day per the definition given. 
 I can look over months of my blood test and carb counting records and I 
maybe (if I stretch the blood glucose ranges) have three vanilla days in a 
month.  I am (as suggested by my RN/CDE) doing things like splitting the 
bolus doses into DUAL doses.  Depending upon what my beginning blood sugar is 
I take anywhere from 20% to 60% of my bolus dose immediately and the 
remainder as a square wave bolus over 30 minutes.  This is for normal (less 
than 25 gr. of fat) meals.  If it happens to be for pizza or some other high 
fat meal, I will take even a little more insulin (usually 1.6 units over 4 
hours).  This seems to be helping but not as much as I would hope.  

I have gotten to the point that I don't care what kind of elaborate 
calculations I need to make to my insulin, food, and/or activity so long as I 
see some results.  To me the UPs and DOWNs are emotionally and physically 
draining.  Oh by the way, my HbA1c has gone from 9.0 in March 99 to 6.6 in 
Feb 2000.  

Thanks for the comments, suggestions, and help.  It is greatly appreciated.

Carole H (there are now 2 Carole's with an "e".)
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