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Re: [IP] carole/apnea/REM

Andenoids maybe a cause of apnea in children, but as we become 
adults that no longer remains the primary cause. I too had severe 
apnea and consulted with an ENT doc about what could be done.  
He said that I could lose about 30 lbs. and have several corrective 
surgeries but still would have a 50% chance that it would continue.  
The CPAP I use allows me the best sleep that I've had in years.  
Don't let a surgeon convince you that surgery of any type will cure 
apnea without a second (and maybe third) opinion.


On 24 Mar 00, at 11:49, Ruth Schneider wrote:
> >I went
> > through a sleep study and they found that I had "obstructive sleep
> > apnea"...severe....stopped breathing 60 times in 2 hours.....I don't get
> > much REM sleep as a result.
> carole,
> sleep apnea such as yours can be a cause of heart failure.  you can solve
> the problem by having tonsils/adenoids out.  both my kids had it done and
> they are cured of this horrible problem.
> ruth

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