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>  Hi all just wanted to say I will probably be calling out  for your help. 
>  When we started the pump on Feb.14 I was so excited and

I started out very motivated at first.  The first few weeks I spent working 
with A CDE, following all the directions exactly but only thing that  was 
happening was that I was chasing my own tail with correction after 
correction.  My endo was no help.  He thinks of the pump as a only convenient 
way to administer insulin.  Out of desperation one day I called MiniMed and 
explained my situation.  They listened very carefully to exactly what the CDE 
had me doing and offered me one of their CDE people.  She worked with me each 
day for a few weeks and it was wonderful.  I never went back to the original 
CDE and I just tolerate my endo to keep prescriptions going.  I figure things 
on my own now.  I went from a A1C 7.2 to A1C 6.4.  If you have a MiniMed 
pump, call them for help and always feel welcome here.                        

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Hi all just wanted to say I will probably be calling out  for your help. 
When we started the pump on Feb.14 I was so excited and glad to have a 
doctor to help me out with it. Well it has been over a month now and every 
Friday I take in the records of Ryans blood tests for the doctor to look 
at.For the first three times he has called to see if I brought in the sheets 
because he never got them. The firt time I thought ok but after three times 
I think this is crazy. So last week he calls again and did not get the 
sheets so I was to bring them in again then they phone me back and tell me 
they found them. So when the doctor phones me a week ago all he says to me 
is I do not like Ryans numbers and told me to quit getting up in the night 
that if I had things set properly I would not have to get up in the 
night.That was it he had to go and I have not heard from him since. Today I 
was not even going to take the sheets in I thought what for he is no help 
just calls to tell me I am doing everything wrong.At first I felt so alone 
and did not want to do this be myself.But hey I have you guys on the list to 
help I hope.Now I am just mad and I want to get this figured out just to 
show the doctor it is a good idea to have a pump I am beginning to feel like 
he wants me to fail at this but I will not Iam determined now to show him I 
can do it without his help and will block out his negative comments about 
how I am doing it wrong. I am sure you will be there if I need help Iam not 
Thanks for listening
Lori mom to Ryan
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