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Subject: [IP] IP: Fat calculating... square and dual waves

YMMV seems to be more true in fat bolusing than anywhere else.  Jenna needs
at least 2 more units of insulin than you'd figure for the carbs for a high
fat meal - and depending on the meal and the amount eaten, anywhere up to 5
units more.  She usually does the carb bolus at mealtime, then a 200% temp
basal rate for 4 hours (with her basal rate of 0.5 units per hour, it's the
same as 2 units spread out over 4 hours), and check, check, check those
sugars.  Often, we still end up bolusing down highs anyways.  It's only
happened twice that the carb bolus was too much right after the meal, and
she got low - but, she's young and doesn't have any gastroparesis, either.

Nancy Morgan

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