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powerless (was Re: [IP] To parents...fear)

For me a lot of the message show that it's not just me.

No matter how much we try to control this disease, we really are powerless over
diabetes.   And when we find our own "balance", it really doesn't matter how many
others want to tell us that we are wrong......

Jim S.

email @ redacted wrote:

> It is absolutely amazing how we all feel the same way about diabetes, our
> children, the thoughts and anxietys that go with them!  I've been in a real
> funk this week and in my, i hate this disease mood again. Matt has been
> having a time with lunch highs due to breakfast ratios and everyday needed a
> correction before lunch! I thought for sure we had it right today, but not!
> Also last night he had a swim night with scouts, and he swam for 2 hours, and
> i was a wreck!  Swimming  wreaks havoc on Matts b/g, and i dread it!  I was
> actually sitting watching talking with another parent, and this parent was
> asking why Matt wasn't going to Scout camp this summer, and i was practically
> apologizing because i was talking about his D AGAIN!  I am just not ready to
> let him go, and trust in someone else, who knows little or nothing about his
> diabetes!  And then the site came out............how do we keep sites in
> while swimming???????????  And then to boot, 2am check he was 26!!!!!!!
> Yikes, and sound asleep!  All time low..........when will he go
> unconscious???????  Why does the liver sometimes dump, others not????????  I
> HATE diabetes, but LOVE this list. Just reading all the posts today reminds
> me i'm am not alone, i have you all!  Thanks guys, gals,
> everyone.............feeling like crap, and yes extremely tired too!
> Mag

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