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[IP] Re: All alone with pump

Hi all just wanted to say I will probably be calling out  for your help. 
When we started the pump on Feb.14 I was so excited and glad to have a 
doctor to help me out with it. Well it has been over a month now and every 
Friday I take in the records of Ryans blood tests for the doctor to look 
at.For the first three times he has called to see if I brought in the sheets 
because he never got them. The firt time I thought ok but after three times 
I think this is crazy. So last week he calls again and did not get the 
sheets so I was to bring them in again then they phone me back and tell me 
they found them. So when the doctor phones me a week ago all he says to me 
is I do not like Ryans numbers and told me to quit getting up in the night 
that if I had things set properly I would not have to get up in the 
night.That was it he had to go and I have not heard from him since. Today I 
was not even going to take the sheets in I thought what for he is no help 
just calls to tell me I am doing everything wrong.At first I felt so alone 
and did not want to do this be myself.But hey I have you guys on the list to 
help I hope.Now I am just mad and I want to get this figured out just to 
show the doctor it is a good idea to have a pump I am beginning to feel like 
he wants me to fail at this but I will not Iam determined now to show him I 
can do it without his help and will block out his negative comments about 
how I am doing it wrong. I am sure you will be there if I need help Iam not 
Thanks for listening
Lori mom to Ryan
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