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Re: [IP] 3 am's forever?


My doctor is a stickler for scheduled testing.  So far he hasn't steered my
wrong.  I've only been on the pump for about three weeks.  
However, going on it has been a MAJOR LIFE CHANGE, as I'm sure you know. 
I'm just now getting used to the nightly testing.  It's not as bad now as it
was the first week.  I have skipped a night test and my doctor was a little
upset.  He's right when he says that we have to stay consistant to get my
doses right.  I have been eating a set amount of carbs for each meal and
have to adhere to it so we can work out my boluses.  That being said, it has
been a little difficult for me because I've had some problems with my sites,
so I haven't had a true representation of what is really should be
happening.  The first and second sites were great, my sugars were steady,
averaging about 120.  At my third site change things went to hell and a
handbasket.  I've been fighting highs ever since.  It gets frustratings
sometimes because I'll change my doses and my sugars will be good for a day
or two then they mysteriously head for the ceiling.  I'm not sure what to do
about it yet.  My Doc says that what I'm experiencing isn't typical but it's
not way out of the norm either.  He keeps assuring me that things will
improve with time and my experiences are the best teacher.


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