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Re: [IP] 3 am's forever?

In a message dated 03/23/2000 11:34:23 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Will I always be testing at 3am? Does it ever end?
 I'd kill for just one night of sleeping thru the night without testing.
I've pumped 4 yrs now.  I've had "pretty good" control, like 7.5 A1c and not 
tested at all at night for months at a time.  Just played catch up with high 
bg in morning, and twice had the paramedics for a zombie low. But when I want 
the "really super good" control of a 6.0, it has always required that middle 
of the night check.  Really its not that much bother, I set my alarm for 2am, 
have my meter and tabs right by the bed, wake up and test and bolus, or eat a 
tab or two and go back to sleep within 5 minutes.

Now, that said, last night I just woke up and turned the *&^%$# radio off, 
didn't test and went back to bed.  I had been treating a low at bedtime that 
refused to come up after three hrs and 70 carbs!   (Its THAT time of the 
month) Went to bed finally at midnight at 135.  When radio went off at 2am, 
ignored it.  Woke up at 7am at 401.  Have been kicking myself all day for not 
doing that simple little night test, but will forgive myself as I haven't 
figured out yet how to get away from myself <VBG>.

So tonight I will follow my own advice and test in the night.

Have a relaxing, lovely weekend,
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