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[IP] IP: Fat calculating... square and dual waves

Hi everyone...

pumping 2 1/2 weeks and generally doing great!  

now i KNOW that YMMV and all that stuff.. but if i could ask you all to give 
me some advice on how you figure out what bolus to give for foods with fat 
I'd love to take that into consideration... I've been doing great figuring 
out "regular" crabs... even guestimating portions very well...  my only times 
of unpredictablilty are when i eat fatty foods - so for the time being im not 
eating much interesting food...   so here's my question... 

do you find that your total bolus is pretty much the same as it would be for 
the equal amount of carbs just spread out longer? or do you find that say if 
a piece of chocolate cake (last night's disaster) has 45 carbs.. that you 
need to bolus NOW for 30 and then 15 spread out or an extra 30 spread out? 
how do i figure this out...?  I tried to do it last night and ended up having 
2   reactions in a row... oy!  luckily i was at a JDF gala and only 
volunteering.. but if i can keep the extremes away I'd be much happier!  
thanks.. and oh yeah.. if this doesn't read too clearly its because I'm 
dealing with another reaction (do we still call them that?) now.  I'm 
guessing this is the same reason, though my square wave finished a few hours 
ago... oh well.. this still beats shots!

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