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[IP] Party is over!!

Hello All!
Today is my one month anniversary on the pump.  I have read posts about
"do people gain or lose weight on the pump" and I have to put myself in
the GAIN category!!  BUT IT WAS NOT THE PUMPS FAULT!!!    I admittedly
reveled in the freedom of eating anything with a carb count on the
package!  m&m's, chips, all kinds of things which I had been passing up
for the last decade!  The exciting thing is I ate like a little piggy
and and reasonable blood sugars!  I think I just had to have a little
(long) party and proove to myself that I had freedom on this pump.   I
figured I would give myself a month..... and I did.
Now it is time to get serious.  I need to do the various fasts from the
book Insulin Pumpers.  I need to get a true and exact idea of what my
basals are.  I think I have delayed Dawn Phenemenom and I think my
numbers drop a little in the afternoon.  But I have to get seriously
disciplined and figure out exactly what is going on.
I just wanted y'all to know that there is about to be another
disciplined pumper in your midst!!  (Maybe someone should ask me in a
few days if I have done the fasting!!  ha ha!)
It feels so good to feel good without being completely neurotic and anal
and soley focused on my diabetes!  I love the pump!   And now I am going
to get it totally wired so that I am even freer!
Wa-hoo!!  Gail

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