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[IP] 3 am's forever?

Phil wrote: 
>  I'm a little tired of it myself.  One full night of sleep
>  would do me wonders.  I get up at midnight too.  

shoot, I don't go to bed until 1 or 2...My so-called 3ams are usually at 5am, 
if and when I do them...but then I don't get up until 8:45....my doctor 
thinks those tests I do at BED TIME are my middle of the night checks .  
First time he downloaded, he asked why i get up every night to do 
them...silly man.  he thought i was so diligent, but a tad over zealous....i 
set him straight...now he wants me to go to bed earlier - shesssh if I wanted 
my mama telling me what to do....

anyway, about doing the "3 ams" forever.  after you get the hang of the pump 
and are confident that your over night basal is good, then you do NOT have to 
do it every night.  I don't suggest never doing them again...perhaps once a 
week for a while, then maybe once every 2 weeks, just to make sure.  BESIDES, 
as soon as you get it JUST RIGHT, something will screw up and you will have 
to start over.  If you have not already done it, or haven't done it recently, 
do an over night basal test....if you are in "normal" range all night, then 
sleep tight the next night...unless of course you had pizza, or did a site 
change, or have a cold or have a sick kid or...or...or...

Trust me...a night of NOT waking up at 3 am to test your bg will not hurt 
you, or your child...just fix it in the morning and get ON with the day!

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