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[IP] Jack: RE: Sleep Study

I just answered this questionb as best I could....but I have to reply to 
you also! I'm not sure about the tie between A/P and depression but I went 
through a sleep study and they found that I had "obstructive sleep 
apnea"...severe....stopped breathing 60 times in 2 hours.....I don't get 
much REM sleep as a result. But the HMO I was in then wouldn't order the 
machine for me. Yes, I was on anti-depressants. If there is a link to A/P 
in this...I am going to try again to get some help with sleeping...I have 
always felt that it HAS to hurt your overall health and disposition to be 
sleep deprived!
Please tell me about the bad and good points of the machine. At the time, 
my dr said it was very difficult to sleep with the gizmo strapped to your 
face and since I had arthritis so bad from breaking my back...the 
restriction of movement during the night would stiffen me up even worse and 
cause a lot more ambulatory problems. I am eager to hear your "take" on the 
machine. Carole

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