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Re: [IP] anxiety/panic attacks and going LOW

Basically,  anxiety/panic attacks and Lows are somewhat unique to the 
individual. Most A/Ps I have had and have heard about/read about are sudden 
bouts of dizziness, fear of the "unknown", possibly constricted chest pain 
or sensation and an inability to function in the immediate sense. The heart 
races and the results can include altered vision and altered thought 
processes. Now, with Lows....well, they are so similar in many ways in 
respect to symptoms. The tie in? I believe that the lack of oxygenated and 
fueled blood to the brain is the cross link as far as some of the shared 
symptoms go. Why they co-exist seems to be all about stress...the chicken 
before the egg question. I was Hypoglycemic for 7 years before DB. I fended 
off the DB by following the DB diet more or less.....but I developed the 
A/P disorder during this period (maybe even at the same time as the Hypo 
started). So Hypo is all about Lows, right? My A/P and my Lows get worse at 
the same time...coincidence? But now I have a lot of trouble with extreme 
highs that don't respond (so I am trying to get a pump).....I find that the 
added stress on my body and mind gives encouragement to the A/Ps. Does the 
Klonopin work? To some degree, yes. If I try to wean off it...I am thrown 
into A/Ps that leave me wanting to cling to the floor for fear I will fall 
The connection has never been established, to my knowledge, but I know that 
the starving brain is a culprit in both situations. Hope this helps....Carole

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