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Re: [[IP] To PARENTS--a LONG post about fear

This fits my life to a T!  No only do I also have my 13 year old who is 
pumping and doing great, I have a 51 year old "big kid" diabetic husband.  He 
is not pumping and I don't know if he ever will be as he has memory problems. 
 Aside from that his eyes, kidney's, etc., are fine.  

But also get belligerent, fistfights, struggles, etc., and the biggest one of 

Yes, I can also relate to him thinking we have over reacted even when he his 
had to go to the hospital.  And yes, I can relate to his internist over and 
over saying there is nothing we can do for him, he is doing fine, while you 
as a family struggle to keep it all afloat and he can't remember what he did 
yesterday and what he has to do today.

Sleep, sometimes you wonder what that is.  All I can say is I have learned to 
pace myself.  Sleep while you can, I tend to get a nap sometines on the 
weekends when they are both up and about.  And sometimes, when you must have 
that sleep, as someone else said on this list, when you know the kid will be 
fine all night, even if he run alittle higher than we would like, we chose 
that night to sleep, all the way through.  He needs it even more than I do.  
And no we are not bad parents for this.  If we can't cope, if we can't keep 
going, that would be bad parenting.  

Thanks for listening.

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