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Re: [IP] diabetes and anxiety/panic attacks

>>I am looking for any
>>information about diabetes and anxiety/panic attacks/panic disorder.

I have been an insulin-dependent diabetic for 35 years.  In the early
years, I was treated with anti-depressants for a "mild chronic endogenous
depression."  MCED  Even though they did not help much, I was kept on them
for 10 years.  I historically have had trouble sleeping.  At the suggestion
of the latest psychiatrist, I went for a sleep study because my wife was
complaining about my snoring.  Guess what?  I have sleep apnea.  No
question. I started using a CPAP machine at night to keep the airway open.
That allowed me to sleep throughout the night.  All my depressive symptoms
disappeared and my energy returned.  I stopped all meds eight years ago and
have never returned to them. Now I have mild to moderate endocrine
imbalances.  Although no one will agree with me, I think those
anti-depressants wrecked my endocrine system over the 10 years I took them.

Moral of the story?  Stop the drugs for a month and have a sleep study done.
Rule out a sleep disorder before you start on a lifetime of drugs. The
symptoms of sleep deprivation are basically the same as those of depression.


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