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Re: [IP] Fear and apology

>But I still do have something to say.  Being diabetic is so hard at
>times: dealing with insurance, getting upset when pharmacies don't have
>any Humalog on hand.

I agree with you.  Like I say, these days diabetes is a piece of cake 
compared to dealing with Insurance Companies, medical equipment suppliers, 
and the medical community.  I must add, be prepared.  In 37 years I have 
never run out of insulin or been in fear of not having any around.  I 
always have extra on hand.  I am prepared at all cost.

>, having to take that extra shower so you can change
>your infusion set, having people stare at you in public while you test
>your blood or shoot up.  You don't know how many times I have cried
>thinking it would just be easier to pump myself full of insulin and just
>go to sleep and hope no one finds me until they can't save me.

I have felt that too.  Diabetes is not easy at all, but please get angry, 
throw something, exercise whatever.  Allow yourself to be angry, but please 
also learn not to give a damn what other people think when you are testing 
etc..  I know I've been doing this longer than you but I hope for you that 
you can take on that attitude.  Trust me, I may sound like everything is 
hunky dorey but trust me I still go through very hard times, like why do I 
have to do all this?  But thanks to friends, family, and this list I get 
through those times.  If someone can't support you in the way you need 
them, leave them behind life is too short and there are really good people 
out there.

Hang in there Kate and please don't be sorry for your feelings.  They're 
your's and it's your right to have them.

By the way, just so you know, I am on un up swing right now.  If I had read 
this last week, I may have sent you a personal message saying "hey you want 
to do this together?"  :-|  So see it does get better and there are good days.


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