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Re: [IP] Re: Fear (of the Diabetic)

>driving a car?  What if I go low in the night and no one finds me in 
>time?  What if I go blind or lose a limb?  What if I can't have 
>children?  I'm not saying that my fears as a diabetic are greater than 
>your fears as a parent.  I just
>think we all need to remember that the diabetics are the ones who are 
>going to deal with these fears for the rest of their lives.

Yes but your parents, friends, loved ones etc. stand by and feel so 
helpless and also deal with those fears too.  I have had diabetes for 37 
years, since the age of three.  My dad feels so helpless when I am having 
problems.  Steve, my husband is always there for me and I know it impacts 
him greatly when I am having a hard time.

Just a few weeks ago I got first hand experience at that helpless feeling 
and in my humble opinion it sucks the big one!  My dad was visiting as he 
always does in February.  He woke me up one night because he was peeing 
blood and clots.  Off the ER we went.  Well to make a long story short Dad 
ended up staying here for the docs didn't want him to make the trip back to 
WA in his car.  He had all the test to make sure it wasn't cancer and he 
also had to have surgery.  He was so frightened.  He hated having that 
catheter in him.  I would have given anything in the world to take that 
away from him.  I felt so completely helpless.  I wanted to do more but 
could not.  It was the most horrible feeling for me.  I think I would 
rather be the diabetic than on the other side.  My poor family has been 
feeling helpless about me for 37 years.  I could barely take it for one 
week.  I will never know what it's like being a parent but I realize we're 
the ones that have to live with it, but I do believe our loved ones live 
with it too in a way that is no fun either.


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