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>With all the talk about Parents of Diabetics in the last few weeks I must
>tell you My mother

My mom passed away on October 13th, 1989 due to complications of diabetes.
One of my fondest memories of my mom telling me I "joined the club" and
giving me my first shot in the hospital when I chickened out as well as 3am.
It's hard to be a mom with howls of "get the M&M's" and making my step-dad
scurry back and forth as we both had simulataneous lows. When I went into
DKA at age 14, she carried me on her lap in the wheelchair to the car and
into the hospital. My mother's refusual to take care of herself, test sugars
and take insulin or tablets cost her her life, but from that, she made me
see what could happen to me if I followed her path and becuase of my mom, I
do all I can to live for her. Both my parents died young due to diabetes,
but they live vicariously through me. I know I carry the MODY diabetes gene
and plan to be a better mom becuase of it. It's hard to be a mom with a
diabetic child, I dread the 50% chance I have of it, but if my kids turn out
as responsible, educated and dedicated to having a good life as my mom
wanted me to be in her last months, it'll be ok:)


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Randi "Pixie" Bruner
Moderator Camarilla IRC

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