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Re: [IP] Static & Minimed -- related question

Well Tom, I don't know if that would be too much different than a regular
mattress.  You've got your 98.6 sitting on the tubing. The water bed might
be heated, but i don't think higher than body temp.   I used to worry about
lying on tubing with my body temp all night, but since nobody seems to
complain about that too much, it must not be a serious problem.  And since
I usually keep the same insulin in the syringe for up to 3 weeks, nightly
body temp doesnt' seem to be a  major problem or concern with the syringe
insulin either.  The heat of an electric blanket or mattress pad seems to
be a bit of a different story, however.  That can be the straw that cracks
the camel.

<<<<Wayne said,
<However, the very real potential with an
<electric blanket is that the heat can denature the insulin lessening its
<potency substantially. >>>>

<How about laying on the tubing on a water bed.  Has anyone felt they had a
problem with this?
<Tom Carlson

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