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Re: [IP] Fear and apology

No need to be sorry, for sure!
I was not for a moment discounting all tht the actual diabetic goes through.
NOT at all.  I was just being a tiny bit self-centered for a couple days
there.  Lack of sleep seems to make my world smaller and smaller until I am
like a horse with blinders on!
But all the wonderful support from the group just opened my world back up.
Actually, one of my underlying fears is how Paddy will EVER deal with all
the responsibility and niggling details  I have been dealing with since I am
an adult, and he is only a child.  Too soon this will of necessity (for his
freedom/independence) fall into his lap and I am sorta frantic to reduce the
required work and fears BEFORE that happens.
So please forgive ME if I offended any of you who deal with this yourselves.
I really never meant it that way.  Heck , without sleep, I don't MEAN to do
anything!  LOL

My support to ALL, and little hugs for those who want 'em
Charisma :)

> I guess I should have read the original post before I opened my big
> mouth.  I'm sorry.
> But I still do have something to say.  Being diabetic is so hard at  times
>I would just like to thank all these people and  all of you for being such
a great support.  THANKS!!!!!!
> Kate

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