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[IP] prozac--non-diabetes related

>They said I could possibly suffer from mild bi-polar >disorder, and the
prozac intensified it
 a quick note re prozac,.
I am bipolar, but before I was diagnosed, they tried Prozac and I thought I
would LOSE MY MIND completely, and I did not care.  It can intensify it
Nor did Zoloft work.
And, thought I know nothing about you or how your symptoms are presenting, I
know it is difficult to daignose some forms of bipolar becase we rapid
cycle. Rather than being manic for a few hours or a few days or weeks, we
can be manic and depressed withing minutes of one anoher or, and this is in
my case AT THE SAME TIME!  Sorta like having the most fantastic idea in the
world but your body won't move to do it.  Yet your brain can't stop thinking
about it.
Just a teeensy bit crazymaking! LOL
Anywho, my .82 cents worth......
Charisma :)

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