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[IP] hearing

  SNIP> For us *more mature* folks who cannot stand the loud music, I'm 
curious: Is
it worth it to destroy your hearing to have music so loud that it damages
detection of life-saving/protecting alarms?   Snip<
Of course not, but that was when I was young and stupid.  I would wear 
earphones with my stereo and jack them all the way up for "Blind Faith" or 
the Stones, or Pink Floyd and thought it was wonderful.   I can remember 
going to concerts when my eardrums actually hurt for awhile afterward. 
   Not too long after those days (early 80's) I went to a concert and when 
the sound became painful, I left.   Nowadays, movies are too loud and hurt 
my ears.  (My dad is almost completely deaf at 87). I can't stand loud 
noise now.  As I said, I was young and stupid and I regret it.  I wish I 
could impress on young people today the importance of "turning it down". 
  And these narcissistic people with the loud music(?) in their cars - they 
just don't understand what damage they are doing.  They do, of course, 
understand how irritating they are.  My recommendation is for us all to 
invest in hearing aid companies now!

snip> If MiniMed made the volume so a
*deaf* person could hear them, wouldn't that be greatly disturbing to 
services, classes, libraries, hospital visits, etc.  MiniMed's 508 does
I am delighted to know MM 508 has vibrations.  When I upgrade, that will be 
a wonderful addition.   Since the beeps occur only if there is a problem, 
or you have set up a suspend mode, or temp basal (which I don't use) I 
would not have a problem if my pump made a audible beep on those rare 
one-time occasions when it might offend someone.  I mean it is not like it 
is a fire alarm going off, just a little sound to remind me to do 
something.   But hey, if everyone would turn of their Dang blasted 
telephones in movies, restaurants, seminars, etc., I would gladly turn off 
my pump beeper at those same times.

Bonnie Richardson

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