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Re: [IP] bad night

Erin said:
'.  i woke up around 12:30 am so low i
could barely concentrate on getting food. when i get that low all i want to
do is eat eat eat. so i did... fast fast fast... '

One of the most frustrating things about diabetes for me is that I have a
normal human adult need to be independent and take care of myself, and a
condition that periodically makes rational thought impossible.  Then I pay
for it later, and when I seek advice from doctors, dieticians, etc., I
usually get some version of 'Can't you just ...'
    Eat 15 g of carbs and wait 15 minutes
    Make yourself stop eating and wait to test
    Remember that it takes a while to get the sugar to your brain
    Remember that when you feel this way, your liver is dumping glucagon
    [fill in your own]

My frustration with this advice (which is correct, and is just people doing
their jobs) is that my higher mental functions seem to be one of the first
things to go when I'm really low.  By the time enough glucose has reached my
brain cells, I've often eaten enough to have exacerbated a rebound from the
liver dumping sugar thing.  I literally can't Remember, Consider, do
anything but eat.

It has helped me over the years to try to get into a habit of eating a
certain number of glucose tabs (4 of the kind I use), to the point where it
is now a routine that I don't have to think about or remember or consider
anything about.  This requires me to stash a lot of tubes of glucose tabs
around the house, and carry them in my purse.  They taste bad enough that I
my appetite doesn't get kicked off so often, they are limited in number
(even if I eat the whole tube, I'm better off than the amount of food I can
put away), they are a known amount of carb so they are easier to correct for
later on when my math center gets enough sugar to function, and they don't
hang around for hours like high fat stuff that I automatically want to go
for when I'm low.  They also get the sugar into you faster, so you CAN
Remember ... Consider .... Just....

Anyway, it took close to a year to make this enough of a habit that this
method 'worked', but it has kind of limited the damage (in terms of
long-lasting rebounds from overtreating) for me.  I get the big bottle of
glucose tabs and reload the tubes, but I keep the big bottle on an
inconvenient shelf between refills.

YMMV, but I think (when my brain functions correctly) that expecting
yourself to Think..., Remember ..., Consider ..., or do anything but breathe
and eat at these times is unreasonable -- like expecting to win a marathon
with a freshly-broken leg in a cast.

Sorry this is so long.  Hope it helps.  You are definately not alone.

Kathy Trondsen
starts pumping on Monday

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