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[IP] bad night

i had the WORST night... i don't know if anyone has ever done what i am
about to describe, but i hope you havne't... i've done it many times, just
not recently, and i forgot how  it is.  i woke up around 12:30 am so low i
could barely concentrate on getting food. when i get that low all i want to
do is eat eat eat. so i did... fast fast fast... i had girlscout cookies,
juice, water, bbq chips, and chocolate, all in about 7 min. i knew as i was
doing it i was going to be sick as a dog from eating so much so fast, but i
didn't care. so, needless to say, at around 1:30 am i woke up thinking i
was going to die...my stomach was so pissed off at me. i had to spend 2
hours in the bathroom in complete and total agony while my stomach reminded
me not to eat that much, that fast, or this is what happens. i'm still
recovering now... what a bad night. anyone else do that ever? i just get so
low that i can't stop myself from stuffing my face. i have to eat till i
start to feel better.

still feeling icky, Erinn
pumping 3 months and 4 days
- What matters most is how you see yourself -
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