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[IP] Fear and apology

I guess I should have read the original post before I opened my big
mouth.  I'm sorry.

But I still do have something to say.  Being diabetic is so hard at
times: dealing with insurance, getting upset when pharmacies don't have
any Humalog on hand, having to take that extra shower so you can change
your infusion set, having people stare at you in public while you test
your blood or shoot up.  You don't know how many times I have cried
thinking it would just be easier to pump myself full of insulin and just
go to sleep and hope no one finds me until they can't save me.  I guess
it's kind of how you feel as a parent sometimes.  But I know that if I
did that I would just be giving up.  I would fail everyone who has help
bring me to where I am today: parents, doctors, research specialists,
Minimed workers, whoever discovered how to make insulin, and other
people I don't even know about but who have helped the treatment of
diabetes come so far.  I would just like to thank all these people and
all of you for being such a great support.  THANKS!!!!!!

dxd 10/91
pumping since 8/98

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