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Re: [IP] diabetes and anxiety/panic attacks

>I am looking for any
>information about diabetes and anxiety/panic attacks/panic disorder.

I am currently having problems with depression and also anxiety.  I am
seeing a therapist as well as a doctor who is trying to help with meds.  I
have tried prozac, but it agitated me and gave me such incredible mood
swings that I felt like I was on drugs.  They said I could possibly suffer
from mild bi-polar disorder, and the prozac intensified it.  I have known
many people who have had depression and benefited from it, though.
Currently I am on zoloft.  The lowest dose did not work, so we are gradually
increasing it.  What has really helped me most has been therapy.  She is
helping me find better ways to alleviate and deal with stress and how to
relax.  We are also picking apart my feelings towards diabetes and how I
deal with it, and what I can change.  We think that since I really began
accepting and facing DM a little over a year ago, that is when the anxiety
got worse, so that is probably one major factor.  There are many great
websites out there, but I got most of my information from my actual doctor.
I would suggest calling your primary care physician and just telling them
your feelings and see what they suggest.  aol.com has a good search engine
which is how I got some info over the web.  There is a book by June
Beiterman(sp?) I think called Psyching Out Diabetes...my memory is failing
me here, I apologize...but it is about the various emotions sometimes
experienced by someone with DM.  That was very helpful.  I don't know if I
answered your question, but feel free to email me privately if I can help.

email @ redacted

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