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[IP] Funky dreams--totally off topic

you know, I think it was the NIOGHT, cause I am not the diabetic here, but I
had HORRIBLE dreams last night!  Just AWFUL.  All dealing with me being on a
bus and then it went out of the area I was used to and through a ghetto type
area and the bus started to fill up with people who looked VERY scary to me.
And then all of the sudden Iwas waking up and someone told me I had slept on
my son, but he was really behind me, totally zonked.  With a stranger.  And
I kept trying to get the driver to turn aroudn or call the police to pick us
up, but peopole kept coming forward with convict ID's and making him go
on?????  Then the driver saw a riot and turned back, but wer had to go
through the bad part agin.  I woke up and tested Paddy.  330!
Went back to bed after typing out my letter to the IP list, and dreamt I was
in England trying to convince the queen I was not some drug addict cause I
had syringes(somehow I has been transported back in time to pre-insulin)
They took my needles away, and I spent the rest of the night trying to
devise a way for him to swallow the insulin cuse I  could not give it to
WhenIO woke up I was RIGHT on the VERGE of figuring it out---I coulda been
Charisma :)

>      Was there something in the air last night?

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