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Re: [IP] to PARENTS--a LONG post about fear

Your story sounds just like mine.  Two years after diagnosis, I hit a wall.  
Just when we had finished learning about diabetes and shots, then we had to 
relearn a whole system; the pump.  If I had it to do over again, I would have 
gone on the pump AT DIAGNOSIS.  But, oh no, we can't put just ANYBODY on the 
pump; it's only for special people who "can handle it".  I cant't stand the 
patronizing attitude of some medical people.  We have had only minimal 
support from our "team"; the bulk of what I have learned is from, guess what, 
this group.  Also the emotional support is invaluable.  After 3 initital 
months of hell on the pump, the skys have cleared and we are much freer than 
ever - compared to the tyranny of shots.  
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