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Re: [IP] Not sleeping when high

DEFINITELY here! The higher he is, the loopier!  In fact, him bouncing off
the walls is a good sign for me to test his bg again, even if it WAS ok 1/2
hr ago.  Nights like that bedtime drags past 7, past 8 past 9 and then he
finally just plops over exhausted when the bg comes down or he has run every
last inch of himself into overdrive and pushed himself into dreamland.
Toss up as to whether or not I prefer these nights( cause I KNOW i'll get to
sleep longer with fewer tests), or the ones where he goes so quickly to
sleep I am holding a mirror under his nose like some sort of spy! LOL (but
he goes to bed earlier so I get to start a book)
Charisma :)

> Does others have problems falling asleep with high bgs?

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