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Re: [IP] jim LOW

Sam, A couple of the funny episodes of my Diabetic life.   My sisters boy
friend and myself were building a ramp to an upstairs door in our house.  I
said it was time to eat.  We went into the house to eat.  We were having
fried chicken potato salad.  I was sitting at the table with a plate full of
food in front of me, a chicken leg in my hand yelling feed me, I need to
eat.  My sister said I did that for five minutes before I finally drank some
OJ.  This happened probably in 1974.  We laugh about that episode a couple
times a year.

It would be fun to write a book of all the funny things that happen to you
as a Diabetic.  Another one is on our honeymoon we were eating at a Perkins
restaurant and I told Nancy I was going to shoot up.  I went in to the rest
room.  The only problem was the two detectives sitting in the booth behind
us followed me in and found me just after I took my insulin.  It took me
some explaining but I got back to the table just as my food arrived.

Tom Carlson,  D 33 years, pumping 3 months
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Date: Thursday, March 23, 2000 3:18 PM
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>It's impossible to be prepared for everything.
I was so focused on getting food that I
>forgot the glucose tablets that were in my pocket. It's was funny even
right after
>the bowl of chips that I found (were provided by the closed restaurant)....
>Jim S.

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