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Re: [IP] jim LOW


It's impossible to be prepared for everything.

One thing that you can't plan for is the brain not remembering the
I remember the day when I knew I was low. I was so focused on getting food that I
forgot the glucose tablets that were in my pocket. It's was funny even right after
the bowl of chips that I found (were provided by the closed restaurant)....

There is on thing (major) that I left out.  You don't expect EVERYTHING to be
closed at between 5 and 6pm.   They were - Loma Prieta earthquake......  It didn't
seem that bad, except for the timing.

Jim S.

Sam Skopp wrote:

> At 10:27 AM 3/23/00 email @ redacted wrote:
> <snip>
> No matter what the living arrangements, I feel that I need to be
> responsible for myself at all times. I don't like relying on anyone else
> for basic survival. My supply of glucose tabs are in the nightstand next to
> my bed. I also carry a supply in my coat pockets and in the car.
> Remember Murphy's Law... things not only will go wrong, they will usually
> go wrong at the worst possible times. So be prepared for anything.
> Sam

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