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[IP] Loud enough beeps

 > My MM,
 > usually attached at waist, with is so quiet I never hear anything.  Only
 > when it is in my hand or on
 > the counter do I hear clicks...course the past years of loud rock and roll
 > have put a dent in my hearing ability. <snip>  My current 507 volume is
 > up as loud as it can go and still isn't loud enough to hear when I am
 > sleeping.   Minimed take note......Actually, I hope future models have
 > greater adjustable volume or, better yet, vibrations for those of us whose
 > hearing isn't what it used to be!

For us *more mature* folks who cannot stand the loud music, I'm curious: Is
it worth it to destroy your hearing to have music so loud that it damages
detection of life-saving/protecting alarms? If MiniMed made the volume so a
*deaf* person could hear them, wouldn't that be greatly disturbing to church
services, classes, libraries, hospital visits, etc.  MiniMed's 508 does

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