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Re: [IP] First A1C after pumping

At 10:21 PM 3/23/00 Sue Skay Abruscato wrote:
 >Kaiser had a new policy as of Jan. 1 that that would
 >only get
 >charcoal pumps and not colored ones.  Anthony had ordered a blue one, but the
 >order wasn't sent out until after the 1st, so he got one of the charcoal 
 >instead.  He feels vindicated now!

That seems really odd... when I got my pump all colors were the same price, 
so what difference would it make. I suspect that Kaiser is just being lazy 
and trying to reduce your options in order to make their paperwork simpler. 
I'd talk to the sales rep and verify that there is no cost difference, then 
complain to Kaiser.

(who hates totally arbitrary rules)

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