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[IP] Overseas flight

 Rebekah asked
>  In airports should I be worried of any malfunctions of my pump 
> due to the security metal detectors?

no.  hell i fyou can put your PC htourgh the xray machine, surely you can 
walk through the little security gate.  You MAY or MAY NOT set off the alarm. 
 my 506 used to about 75% of the time.  the 507 rarely does.  Just tell them 
it is attached, it is an insulin pump and hte worst that will happen is they 
will wand you, or maybe if you are REALLY lucky you will get patted down...

It has NO affect on the functioning of the pump...I don't think youought to 
send it, or your "spare" through the actual machine

who flew 22 times last year and set off an alarm twice
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