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[IP] RE: Early Morning Lows

     Was there something in the air last night?  I woke up at 5:50am this 
     morning and was in that inbetween state of awake and asleep.  I was 
     convinced I was on my honeymoon cruise, but my husband couldn't go 
     because he had to work. Our cabin had a balcony but it looked out into 
     the cargo bay? (some cruise line)  Then my college roommate, whom I 
     haven't seen in almost 6 years was there telling me to go get a  
     cracker. My husband who was getting ready for work throughout all of 
     this then said I asked him to stop throwing things at me because I was 
     getting up. Then said oh never mind it was the cat.  The cat was in 
     the closet with my husband.  I finally got up and tested at 37. 
     Just a question, my dreams always seem more vivid when I am low, 
     anyone else experience this effect?
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