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[IP] We know best

From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] To PARENTS--a LONG post about fear

In a message dated 3/23/00 4:27:36 AM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< Cause I can't go on reading posts from you folks
 if I am the only complete flake on the list. >>
[Bonnie Richardsn]
Charisma wrote the above...
Charisma, I don't have a kid with diabetes and I can't walk in your 
footsteps there, however, as I stated some time back, the parents I read 
about here are incredible....they give and give and keep on giving.  I can 
imagine all of them feel like you do sometimes, no sleep, worry, geez.  You 
are all wonderous.   AND I can soundly say there are many FLAKES on this 
list.  And dear loving ones, like you as well!   (Most of my favorite 
friends are flakes/weirdos/"strange", etc. )

Mainly, though I wanted to tell you and everyone having problems with 
doctors,  the famous Dr. Koop, recently wrote an article about the absolute 
necessity of patients taking control of their health.  Todays doctors often 
don't know, after all they don't have time to read this list, or they don't 
have time to keep up with research,  aren't interested, too busy hustling 
too many patients because insurance companies mandate their fees and they 
have to pay back loans, etc.

WE have to read everything, research everything, try many things and tell 
our doctor what we want to do.  If it is safe and reasonable we ought to be 
able to do it.  If your doctor doesn't help you stay healthy, find another 
doctor.  But it is up to us to do the research.  He gave several websites, 
including his own (www.drkoop.com).   His site rates other medical sites 
for accuracy.

We know our bodies, our disease and our pumps better than the doctors and 
CDEs.   Don't forget that.  OK?

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