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[IP] Seeing Pump Screens


If you are worried about seeing the screen on the
Disetronic pump, perhaps your trainer can let you see
it "up close and personal"?  

When I was trying to decide which pump to choose, she
wanted to make sure I could see the screen, so she let
me "play" with both the Disetronic and the MiniMed. 
(I am legally blind.)   She had both of them out and
let me compare them, one right after the other.  It
also let me see just how fast you needed to operate
the pumps and it let me know if I would be able to
hear them.  (I also have a moderately severe hearing
loss in both ears.)  

I can't say which one would be easier to see because
each of us sees things differently, but I can say that
I was able to see both screens just fine.  However, if
anyone knows of a magnifying device....

Hope this info helps you!

Melissa Collins
Happily pumping one month and one day
email @ redacted

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