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Re: [IP] to PARENTS--a LONG post about fear

In a message dated 3/23/00 7:37:48 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  Do you have anyone that can give you a break? Sometimes even a SMALL
 break can make a big difference. You have to remember to take care of
 yourself, too...YOU ARE IMPORTANT. ( Yes, I am going to start taking my own 
Charisma, you reaaly should try to take care of yourself.  Have you even 
given yourself time to relax from all of this happening.  I ask 
because...years ago, it has been 7 for us now that we have been dealing with 
this.  When Jenna was dx'd I just jumped right in...had to learn this...had 
to learn that...insulin curves....food digestive curves...slow, moderate and 
fast carbs etc. Plus, I still had a family to manage as Jenna was my second 
child and a husband who became a complete ansomniac after and endo informed 
him of the  night time lows and the facy that they can effect her IQ!  My 
point is...I just jumped in and started taking charge of it all because 
somebody had to. After a few years and hubby was sleeping again and Jenna was 
begining to communicate things began to slow down and then whammy one day 
Jenna had a low, did the hospital scene and guess what   I lost it  bug time! 
 I finally after two years was able to have my breakdown or grieve over the 
situation if you will.  I had no choice before someone had to take control.  
After that I did much better.  I would plan to have Jenna at a sitters carbed 
up and ready to go just so I could take a nap!  There are cell phones so I 
even learned that I could go to the store without her.  You are not the only 
parent to have thoughts like that and I am sure if you get caught up on your 
rest you will feel better about everything!   Laurie
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