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Re: [IP] To parents...fear

Gosh Robin,

I thought after reading your post that maybe I was the one that wrote it in 
one of my sleep deprived stupors...lol
I also have a Kevin that is 12 and has D for 8 yrs and has been pumping since 
last Aug. 
The pump has been soooo wonderful, but a lot of work and interupted sleep 
nights. We do go for a night or two once in a while, but just can't let it 
go. I think I need to do a fasting hourly night test again to set them to 
keep him at the right level. My husband is a fireman and he says getting up 
is like work for him, but at least he just has to walk into the next room and 
not drive a big fire engine. So, I look at it like that, not a bad thing for 
a more normal life for Kev.

We all just need to hang in there and wonder who it was that said we need 8 
hrs of sleep....lol

Nice to hear it from someone else though!!

Linda, mom to Kevin
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