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[IP] To parents...fear

yes, Charisma,

I think any parent can relate to this. We get up every night still, and Kevin 
has been pumping now for 10 months. Actually, there have been a FEW nights 
that we check him at 11 or 12 midnight and believe that he is in a "good 
enough" range for us to sleep all night. Mark and I have both uttered the 
same fear of finding him "gone" in bed some morning though....scarey. We both 
hold our breath first thing when one or the other goes to wake him for 
school. It is a shame it has to be that way, and I feel we are making strides 
in the right direction with this pump...but it is not perfect.  I too have 
been so exhausted that we think it may be alright to skip the check 
tonight...but I think the fear of what COULD happen raises my exhausted body 
out of that bed each night. You are not a bad Mom...sleep deprived yes, bad 
Mom ....NOT!!! I feel for you. Wish we parents lived close enough so we could 
have these kind of chats more often. It helps to know others feel the same as 
we do!

Hang in there!

Mom of Kevin, dx 12/98
pumping 10 months (12 years old)
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