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Re: [IP] To PARENTS--a LONG post about fear

In a message dated 3/23/00 4:27:36 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Cause I can't go on reading posts from you folks
 if I am the only complete flake on the list. >>
    Not to worry....I'm sure there are enough of us around to keep all the 
raisins in all the Kellog's Raisin Bran boxes well-surrounded by 
    and, as for needing the validation of "just one" other parent who's "been 
there/thought that" from sheer overwhelming exhaustion.....don't 
apologize....As a breast cancer survivor, I've connected with dozens of women 
on-line whose only salvation for those "things that go bump in the night" was 
knowing that somewhere out there in cyberspace, someone else was feeling the 
same way, thinking the same thoughts....
   and lastly, about your trainer's sceptical opinion of US, I chalk that up 
to the corollary "fear of the unknown" syndrome being experienced by many 
medical personnel: FEAR of the "UNSEEN" (as in cyberspace!) LOL.... "we " are 
"out there", challenging their formerly unquestioned authority...dooo dooo 
dooo doooo...)(Twilight Zone theme)

regards, Renee (pump-mom)
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